Has anyone ever told you to just cut the bait? There are so many times that I think this and yet I try not to say it out loud… but people… there are times when you gotta just cut the bait. Using the fishing as a theme here… let’s say that you decide to go … wait for it, “fishing” and you spend time gathering up your equipment, you load the truck and head down to the perfect spot, you bait your hook and you wait. You’re sitting there fishing.

So how is that going for you?

The “fishing” could be anything. Your latest diet, paying off your debt, improving relationships with your kids or spouse or family, job hunting … it could be saving money, changing your lifestyle, refining your health … it could literally be anything you set your mind to. It’s a goal. It something that you have purposefully and dutifully set about doing … so how is that working out?

You know a ton about various diets and you can tell me exactly how many calories are in my ice cream based homemade peanut butter frappe I’m currently slurping down … but you are not losing weight. Harsh? Yes, but it’s realistic too.

You constantly talk about your lack of money. You moan and groan about your bills … but a year later, you find yourself repeating the same ole thing … to the same ole people. You talk about downsizing … you understand that you live beyond your means so you research and you keep telling yourself that you need to change your lifestyle.

You hate your job and you begrudge those people around you who are more successful than you. You start and end each day taking pills because you haven’t taken good care of yourself over the years and now your health could use a reboot.

You talk about it and you “learn a lot” by doing research and from the outside it looks promising … but are you pulling the trigger … as you sit there fishing, are you getting the results you want? If you aren’t… cut the bait.

It really truly starts with heart. Once you set your heart on a goal, the rest is guts. You have to reach deep and find the guts to do the hard work. You can’t just “plan” the whole thing out and then expect your talk to walk.

The hardest thing I have ever done was to make my goal list. I tend to pick a big goal and focus so hard on getting there, that I forget to think of “what’s next” so I flounder a bit while I find my footing. We wanted to build our own house… it took 18 months of hard work and once we finally got it… we hung the curtains and we planted the yard and one day I looked around… and was seriously lost. I had reached my goal and “now what?”

Follow through … cut your bait and start over. Whatever your goal is, stop talking and planning and start doing. Take a few tiny baby steps to test the water, but then make your goal your priority. You are carving out time each day to spend one on one time with your kids … you want to strengthen your relationship with them right? So find a way to incorporate that into your day … assign each kid a day of the week to “help “ you with dinner or just “walk” the parent and just start talking to them. Carving out the time and making it happen takes guts.

Ready to stop taking tons of pills and put your health on the front burner? As your doctor for the real, deal truth and be prepared to follow through … get up and walk before it gets hot… toss on a Jane Fonda tape from the 80s and sweat … ditch the fried food and have a salad.
Stop in at your local vo-tech, community college or even high school and ask about enrichment classes for adults … want to better your life and job … educate yourself and follow through.

Whatever your goal is … get up off the dock … and stop waiting on it to nibble at the little tiny effort you have thrown towards it.

— Kalynn Brazeal is a conservative, Christian wife/mom/country girl carrying around an MBA, several decades of business experience and a strong opinion. Now living in the remoteness of North Dakota, she continues to share her column on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and cake. She can be reached by email at kmbrazeal@icloud.com.