How to properly store summer clothes to avoid a pest infestation

Try the following tips from Terminix to best protect your clothing in storage:

1. Keep a close eye on the places where fabric-eating bugs like to hide like carpets, rugs, wall hangings and upholstered furniture. Vacuuming these areas can remove larvae and help prevent an infestation. Be sure to repair torn screens and block cracks under doors to prevent clothes moths from entering.

2. Another key to keeping stored clothes bug-free is to clean them before packing them. Stains can attract hungry pests, so remove any obvious ones such as food or oil before boxing things up. Keep the area where you’re storing your clothing as clean as possible. Vacuum the area and wipe down any shelves and walls.

3. If you find yourself with damaged clothes and an infestation too big to tackle alone, it’s time to contact a specialist. Trained pest control professionals can help remove destructive pests.


3 tips for achieving the Danish concept of hygge

Hygge is a Danish word for the feelings of coziness and contentment often associated with cooler weather. Noa Santos of Homepolish provides three tips so you can master this trend at home.

1. Declutter: “There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to a streamlined space,” says Santos, who stresses decluttering doesn’t mean de-styling.

2. Invite the outdoors inside: “Artfully arranged flowers and perfectly placed plants help cement your space as an indoor Eden,” says Santos. “The positive psychological benefits aren’t too shabby either. Organic materials like wood and leather work like a charm as well.”

3. Gather: It could be a cozy night in for two or a bountiful feast for a crew — togetherness is at the heart of hygge and allows you to show off your home design.


4 ways real grass benefits your family

Well-maintained outdoor spaces increase curb appeal and can bolster homeowners’ property values. They inspire kids’ imaginations and support healthy play. They make a homegrown neighborhood hangout.

RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) has some facts about real grass:

- Healthy kids need healthy outdoor spaces to play: They will not only spend valuable time together, but research shows physically active children achieve 40 percent higher test scores.

- Real grass play spaces boost property values: Real grass yards make a great first impression. Desirable public parks and spaces can boost nearby property values by 8-20 percent.

- Grass keeps it cool: Real grass is an always-cool surface to run and play on, especially when summer temperatures rise above 85 degrees.

- A well-maintained lawn is a point of pride.

- Real grass spaces provide a place to escape screens, play with loved ones and enjoy time together outside.


What to watch out for during recovery

These tips from USAA.com can give homeowners affected by Hurricane Florence a better idea of what they can do next to recover.

1. If you need to relocate, keep the receipts of your expenses. Homeowners insurance will generally provide coverage, but review your policy and contact information.

2. Report your claim. You can file a claim online or by calling.

3. Secure your home and make temporary repairs. Protect property from further damage. Photograph debris or damaged items. Save receipts.

4. Prepare for the adjuster’s visit. Provide complete information about the damage to your property.

5. Hire a contractor — with care. Check the contractor’s license or identification, do not pay upfront, take photos of the contractors and their license plates, and call your insurance provider if you suspect fraud.