This article appears in Paint it Pink 2017.

Start square

Take a 30-by-30-inch square scarf. Fold it into triangle. Pull the front of the scarf over the forehead and knot the ends over the point in the triangle. Pull a bit of excess fabric above the knot to achieve a fuller look. You can also add a pair of socks to make it look like there’s hair underneath, Flynn said.

Feeling rosy

Once your tried a basic babushka, try the rosette turban. Use a large square or oblong scarf folded into a triangle. Place scarf on head with both ends to one ear and knot. Twist one end tightly and wind around knot. Tuck in the end and repeat with other end. If need be, hold ends in place with bobby pins.

Stay stable

Cotton scarves stay in place better than silky ones, Flynn said. “For even more traction, wear a cotton beanie under the scarf to keep it in place,” she said.

Good choices

Scarves made of crinkled fabric are also good because they don’t wrinkle, Whitehurst said. Other popular choices include tie-dyed or batik scarves with lots of color.

Not too far down

When placing a scarf on the forehead, avoid putting it too far down or else you’ll end up with “the Cabbage Patch look,” Whitehurst said. Instead place it up near the hairline.

Scrunch the look

“It’s hard to look at a beautiful scarf laid out flat and see what it will look like on. Take the scarf and roll it around in your hand. Scrunch it up in a coil to get a better idea of what it will look like when you’re wearing it,” Whitehurst said.